With 27th Summit on Mount Everest: Sherpa Kami Rita breaks his own record

Nepal’s Kami Rita Sherpa has beaten his own record and created a new world record by scaling Mt. Everest for the 28th time! A veteran climber, Sherpa set the record by completing his second ascent in just a week. By doing so, he broke his own record for the largest number of ascents on Mt. Everest.

The 53-year-old mountain guide was on top of the world (8848.86 m from sea level) at around 9:20 AM on Tuesday. This was Sherpa’s second ascent this spring as on May 17, he scaled Everest for the 27th time. The expedition was organised by Chhang Dawa Sherpa, the Expedition Manager of the Seven Summit Trek.

Sherpa, a resident of the Solukhumbu district in eastern Nepal, has a passion for climbing. It was on May 13, 1994, when Sherpa scaled Everest for the first time. And rest is history. Today, he works as a senior climbing guide in Kathmandu. Beside scaling Everest, the guide has also climbed Mt. K2, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Manaslu, and Mt. Cho Oyu. All these peaks are at or over 8000 m above sea level.

The Government of Nepal issues Everest climbing permits every year, and the maximum permits given by the government so far is 480. This year’s spring climbing season has witnessed the death of 10 people so far.

Article Source: TimesTravel

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