Unplanned Trip will be your next plan

Just have one simple question. Are you a “Monika Traveler”? Do you love organizing things in your way? Then you are termed with Monika Traveler. Don’t get surprised by an unknown name. It’s the name of the character of famous series called “Friends”. It must be great going, but what if you will become a bag packer this time? Where you have to plan anything but belief in yourself. There are zillions of ways out there. Maybe one out of it is “the one?” Or maybe you have a new perspective on life. You might find a New – You”, A strong independent being, who doesn’t know about the future but has decided that nothing will stop your way. No matter what is going to happen next, you will not stop and find a way somehow and return home all by yourself.

“Let’s plan not to plan” this time

Let’s dig and try to find some gems which I found on an Unplanned trip. We can give a word to it – Backbencher Travel. Let’s be backbencher travellers, and if you are already, comment your thrilling experiences below.

Stealing unplanned happiness

Women crafting shawl in Thunja Village

Sometimes not planning also leads to unplanned happiness, which comes surprisingly in our ways. Let’s say, when you have planned everything to enjoy in your planned travel, you already know what is going to happen next. But in case a small bite of surprise comes across surprisingly in your way, isn’t it grateful? It is to be said that unplanned happiness is the greatest gift of God, and maybe that’s why we can’t determine our future. Every time plan doesn’t go as per plan, which is the best thing, because you are going to have a great experience on your trip. You might get new surprises at every turn, from finding transport to finding a stay will make your feet stronger anyway.

Little carefreeness is cool

We all are careful about what other people say, think, and what is going to be next. This backbencher travel will help you to get rid of small issues. You will understand that keeping others happy is not the most important thing in life. And literally, it is impossible to keep everyone happy, it will only end up disappointing the inner you. More important is to listen to your heart and follow your gut. It will never disappoint you. Let’s be a little carefree this time, and leave these thoughts behind at home for a few days and every bit of a moment.

Believe in Humanity and Kindness

It’s okay that you will not always meet good people in your life, but on a single trip, you will face some humanity and kind people for sure. Of course, I will state an important guideline “Don’t trust strangers too easily.” But when we see people helping each other, and sharing stories of their lives, will make us believe stronger in humanity.

New Connections

While we travel by any possible means, we find travellers just like us. There is a saying that “Aksar Ek Safar me Musafir dost ban kr nikalte hai”. Can be a beautiful phase of travelling. This statement will remain close to my heart always. It is not just a line but a pure emotion filled with experiences. Even I found some amazing friends on my solo travels, which are still in my regular touch. In an era of Insta/Fb/Tinder, solo travelling will always be on top for making new and true connections.

Exploring with feet and eyes

Trust me, I have been lucky enough to travel in each way, but exploring Solo Travelling is a much more eye-opening experience than any other source. You explore different when you are with yourself. Figuring out ways, figuring out stays all by yourself will anyways lead to independency and a stronger perspective. You will find a gem in your next unplanned trip, which you may share with the world just like me. You will see what others can. The master key is Solo and peaceful travel.

Now you become a more responsible version of yourself

By spending each penny on every expense required in the trip, your mind automatically starts calculating the remaining balance in your pocket. You might opt for a public bus or auto rather than choosing a taxi. You learn budgeting all by yourself. Now it’s just YOU on this trip, you have to take care of yourself, your pocket and your luggage.

So you and I might meet at some place while travelling, and pass a smile as strangers, I might think you have read my blog and started SOLO UNPLANNED travelling. See you at your new version.