Travel mistakes we should avoid while travelling

Few things which require special mention to avoid mistakes we have all been a part of. As a travelling, I have figured out some travelling mistakes that made us ruin our experiences. I have learned a few things which we all can avoid in our next travel sessions.

Sustainable is not Opting for Cheap

Most people misunderstood Sustainable into choosing cheap options. These two are totally different. As a traveller, we don’t go for a luxury but a sustainable and affordable way of travelling. We usually pick affordable but without compromising quality for reducing cheap outcomes. Opting for cheap might leads to hassles. I will advise you to save money but do not comprise on quality.

Booking a Cab over public transport

I agree that we all prefer cabs/taxis over messy public transport, But in my opinion, travellers don’t go for taxis. It’s not because they are costly but because they don’t help us to relive real moments and local beauty. If you go for a local bus, you will encounter the real lifestyles of localities. You will figure out that our new normal is a regular part of life. We might feel motion sickness while travelling on a bus, but we will get used to it after a while. You get to know that they have no other options but depend only upon the local bus. You might miss a bus, but if you start walking, locals will offer you help. This tip will give you a new perspective towards life.

Be a traveller, not a tourist

As described previously, Being a traveller is not easy. Tourists are those who booked their vacations to some famous hill stations and reached through booking cabs. Try Travelling this time. Travelling is a term where we try to dig into something new at every step. Be a bag packer for next time and don’t plan anything. Maybe you found a new way of living. You will figure out some new gems, new unexplored ways, and new solutions. All you need is to trust your Gut feeling and believe in yourselves.

Consumption of Alcohol while travelling

Anywhere in the world, when a few friends plan a trip, it’s impossible to forget alcohol in it. It is an amazing idea but consuming while travelling surely leads to vomiting and ruins your trip. You can be strong, I’m sure not everyone in your group is the same. So kindly avoid it while travelling. You can start your party after reaching the stay.

Leaving your winter clothes at homes

Leaving your winter clothes at home is not going to help you. No matter what the climate is showing, no matter what the season is, we can’t trust the weather conditions might going to occur. Especially in mountains, make friends with the “RULE OF WOOL”. Don’t forget or leave your woollen clothes at home.

Google maps don’t work in every place

There are so many remote villages which maps don’t show up. So don’t follow and blindly trust them at every place. Try to step up yourself and trust your guts and feet. These two never fail you and work everywhere. Your guts never cheat you, so trust your guts in finding ways to travelling and also in your life as well.

An un-updated medical kits

It’s better to keep your un-updated medical kit at home rather than pick it up in your travel kit. Kindly recheck your medicines expiry on regular basis. Mostly while packing travel bags, we don’t give much attention to a medical kit. Avoid this common mistake to reduce risks.