Top treks in Himachal Pradesh for beginners

Himachal Pradesh is gift in Nature’s lap which always welcome with pleasure and love. Every stop seems a picture moment, and every remote village needs trekking for outsiders. There few treks for beginner to start their trekking streaks.

Top treks in Himachal Pradesh


Triund, Mcleodganj

Triund trek is a moderate level trek of 10 km distance from Mcleodganj in Dharamshala. It is a perfect gateway for North Indians as it take less time and can be completed in 2 days. The trek was quite tough for me, but once we reached, the snow caped views are welcoming us with warm sunshine. As long I can see were a wide range of Dhauladar, and Kangra Valley. Also The trek of triund does’nt end at top, if you have enough time and enthusiasm, it also leads to Kareri Lake and Indrahar Pass trek. 

Triund Trek Best Time: March till December

Trek Distance: 10 Kms

Trek begins from: Mcleodganj

Duration: 2 Days/1 Night


Raghupur fort, Jalori Pass

Raghupur fort is situated at the altitude of 10900 ft high. Raghupur is one of the easiest treks I have been to, but no lesser in wide views at top. In clear weather, you can see the view of housings of Shimla(which is 150km far from the place). The fort is built by some rulers of Mandi, to protect themselves from invasion. The view from the fort is something can’t be forget. Fort on the peak, is just something else. The trek starts from Jalori stop and only 3km from the taxi stand. Its a perfect treks for beginners. Jalori Pass is around 12km from Jibhi which is completely  motorable for private and public transports. 

Trek Best Time: All months are good to go. But in winters, the locals built igloo stays for traveler’s purpose which can be a lifetime experience for any. 

Trek Distance: 3 Kms

Trek begins from: Jalori bus stop

Duration: 2 Days/1 Night(If stayed in Jibhi)


Thunja, Kasol

Thunja is a remote village located near Grahan(which used to be a hidden gem but quite commercialised from 3-4 years). The trek of Thunja village starts from Kasol directly, and can be extended via Grahan Village. Grahan Village is situated in Valley, and Thunja is situated on Top. The trek is around is 9-10 km from Kasol. You can pick a night stay in Grahan, which itself an experience, but once you reach Thunja, everything is just picture perfect scenarios. The trek is not easier as much other small treks, but a worth doing experience.

Trek Best Time: All months are good to go. Except heavy snowfall scenarios.

Trek Distance: 9-10 Km

Trek begins from: Kasol

Duration: 2 Days/1 Night(If stayed in Grahan)



Picture Credit: Pankaj Saggi

Tosh- Kheerganga is one of the most talk about treks in Himachal among youngsters in Parvati Valley of Himachal. The trek is much recommended by experts as well as its a easy to moderate level in difficulty but gateway to such great views of green scenery and peace. The journey will takes you so many picture perfect views from dense pine forest, waterfall to steep walk through etc.

Trek Best Time: All months are good to go. Except heavy snowfall scenarios.

Trek Distance: 14 Km

Trek begins from: Barchaini

Duration: 3 Days/2 Night


Manimahesh Yatra, Bharmour

Picture Credit: Pankaj Saggi

The yatra of Manimahesh is a sacred pilgrimage site in Hinduism as foot of Kailash, located in Chamba district. According to some believed stories, the place has been created after the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. As itself name of the sacred place describes, it signifies, Mani(Crystal shiny gem) and Mahesh(Shiva’s head).

The Manimahesh Yatra officially starts from Janmashtmi and end on Radha Ashtmi every year. In the following Yatra, large number of pilgrims visit over this place to relax their soul. Hundreds of people set ups their free food/stay corner during yatra for other devotees in way of their own devotion of lord Shiva. Most of pilgrims visit in groups with chanting hymns, some groups now a days bring own music system to play Shiva songs in it and dance on it. If you are looking for a trip to mountains to refresh soul this time, than this can be a tick place for you.

Trek Best Time: Krishna Janmashtmi to Radha Ashtmi(only 15 Days in a year) is the time when the original Yatra organised.

Trek Distance: 17 Km

Trek begins from: Bharmour

Duration: 3 Days/2 Night


Chandrakhani Pass

Image Source: Thrillophilia

Chandrakhani pass is situated on 12,000 ft in Kullu district. Its a great trek for beginners because of its easy gradients. The Pass forms a way between Rumsu and Pulag Village near well known village Malana. The trek of Chandrkhani trek is a trail leads to nature’s beauty and appeal.

The Deo Tibba, Parbati, and Pir Panjal peaks can all be seen wonderfully from the pass. One of the most picturesque and photogenic crossings in the nation is created by the mountain slopes, fragrant flowers, and running water streams.

Trek Best Time: All season are good to go.

Trek Distance: 17 Km

Trek begins from: Malana

Basic Itenary:

  • Malana to Chiklani base Camp
  • Chiklani base camp to Chanderkhani pass summit
  • Chanderkhani pass summit to Rumsu Village

Duration: 4 Days/4 Night

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