Reliving the History of Chittor

My absolute preferred fort up until this point is Chittorgarh Fort which is a living example of history. The fort undergoes tons of attacks, wars & Jauhar’s. Although Rani Padmavati’s JAUHAR is depicted in the film “Padmaavat,” Chittor actually has to dealt with three JAUHARS, which also means three generations of Chittor were destroyed completely when their king lost at war. Every female including Queen, Ladies, and Girl Child self-immolation by jumping into the fire.

Entering the fort by road several “BURJ” (TALL ROUND HALL BY THE SIDE OF GATE) encounters our way. Most of them are destroyed and damaged by several attacks. The scene can give goosebumps to anyone. The whole journey from the first gate to the main fort starts is an unforgettable ride. Chittorgarh fort is one of the largest forts in India which is shining in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

History of Chittor

Chittorgarh was the prominent capital of the Mewar region of Rajasthan. The fort covers several historical places, temples, ponds and also a victory tower i.e VIJAY STAMBHA in memory of Rana Kumbha’s major winning. Most people are unsure of exactly who began construction on this fort, although locals claim that “CHITRANGDHA MORI” was the monarch who began it.”, then a ruler named “BAPPA RAWAL” captured the fort in 728 CE (according to information we received in our research).

Vijay Stambha

Vijay Stambha is the symbol of victory of RANA KUMBHA over armies of MALWA & GUJRAT Sultanate led by Mohammed Khilji. The Stambha is beautifully engraved architecture remains exactly the same in the present. Rana Kumbha built 30 forts in his life span, including the famous fort KUMBHALGARH. His son RANA SANGRAM become the next ruler.

Major events in Chittor

  1. Jauhar Mela: Chittorgarh hosts one of the biggest festivals of RAJPUTS called “JAUHAR MELA”, in the remembrance of JAUHAR that took place at the fort. The festival takes place annually in the capital of MEWAR.
  2. Meera Mahotsav: Meera Bai is the symbol of Love, Devotion and faith. She is a Mewari native. Every year on MEERA BAI’s birth anniversary celebration took place in Chittor for three days. Many famous folk singers give tribute with their HYMN(BHAJAN), remembering Lord Krishna.
  3. Maharana Pratap Jayanti: The great Maharana Pratap which is to be taught in our books as one of the greatest warriors of Indian history. He was born on May 9, 1540, the same year that his father became king of Mewar. Maharana Pratap’s birth anniversary is celebrated twice a year, one according to the date, the second according to the Hindu calendar.
  4. Gangaur: Gangaur Festival is observed throughout Rajasthan, and it is most beautifully observed in Mewar. This festival is celebrated in praying to goddess Gauri ’Parvati’ wife of Lord Shiva, to get a blessing from the goddess for their husband’s long life