Rajasthani Cuisine: Region of piquant flavors

The scarcity of veggies and water in this arid state has had a huge impact on Rajasthani cuisine. The hunting culture of Royals leads to the invention of several dishes which survive more in extreme weather and have the capability of preserving taste and flavours. It is no secret that vegetables are not very lucky in the Thar desert. So most of the dishes are invented out of gram flour, pulses, and grains. Dishes like Gatte ki sabzi, Kadhi, Kachori, and Dal Bati are a few examples of the same.


Dal Bati Churma

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Undoubtedly, Dal Bati Churma is considered the iconic dish of Rajasthan. Daal bati is a combination of three parts of meal, Daal(Pulse gravy), Bati(Bread balls) & Churma(Sweet dish made of crushed Bati’s, Ghee, Sugar). ‘Dal Baati Choorma is a traditional delicacy from the state of Rajasthan. In the Dhundhand area, it is connected to the festivals of Makar Sankranti and Diwali.

Additionally, it is prepared for unique events like weddings and housewarmings.


Gatte Ki Sabzi

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This dish is another very popular in Rajasthan. Gatte is made of Gram flour balls prepared and separated before the final gravy version of curry. Commonly the gravy is made up of Curd or buttermilk which gives it a smooth and thickness to texture and enhances the taste automatically.


Marwari Kadhi

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This is another dish that varies greatly depending on the area it comes from. Take this Rajasthani Kadhi, for instance, which is prepared in a manner that is characteristic of Rajasthani cooking. This unique kadhi from Rajasthan is made in a fraction of the steps required to create some other kadhi varieties. It is a quick recipe which is easy to make but slightly Rajasthani Temper(tadka) is required which consists of a few dry spices.


Sangri ki Sabzi

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The dish is famous in deserted areas like Churu, Jaisalmer, Mewar and Marwar. As I belong to Rajasthan itself, we don’t make this as we don’t have a ‘Sangri’ plant which only grows in specific regions. I tried this dish in my hostel days when my friend Monalika from the Churu brought it to us after returning hostel. Sangri dish is quite common while travelling as it has the capability to last long. I still remember the taste, a spicy-Homely dish with authentic flavours.


Lehsun ki Chutney

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Garlic Gravy or Lehsun ki Chutney is yet another household dish of Rajasthan which holds piquant thirst of every spice lover ever. Chutney is a part of the daily meal almost which is eaten along with bread and buttermilk, curd, etc. Chutney prepared from dried garlic can be kept in bottles for up to four weeks. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six months.


Onion Kachori

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A particular kind of Rajasthani kachori filled with a hot vegetable filling is called onion kachori. With a growing number of Rajasthani restaurants and eateries across India, this bite dish’s popularity increased in other parts of North India. Pyaz ki kachori is a very well-liked early meal among many Rajasthani people. Most namkeen stores in the state sell Pyaz ki Kachori.


Kachi Haldi ki Sabzi

I heard of this dish from my dear friend but never got a chance until I visit Udaipur. I stayed there in PG, where my landlord offered in front of me, which I tried instantly. Trust me, after years, I still had the taste of the same, it has a very strong flavours of Turmeric and Ginger which created an unforgettable yet yummy taste as well.

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