Place to visit in Punjab

Punjab is situated as one of border state with Pakistan is also classified as Sher-e-Punjab because it is always been the Land of Fighter. Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, one of the Greatest king of Punjab signifies the bravery famous as “Lion of Punjab”.

The soil of Punjab is said to be the finest element for any kind of crops. That is why the land is very rich in its flavours. There is saying that, Punjabi’s are foodies, which is indeed. The food is awesome and there is hell of difference when you eat in a Punjabi dhabha or any dhaba from any other states. You can feel the difference while visiting there. 


Chandigarh is mutual capital of Punjab & Haryana, but the cultural aspects are inclined towards Punjabi vibes. Chandigarh also awarded as most clean city in India. The city is a good example of a Planned city. Every market, every sector is uniformly built. The city is beautifully designed by French architect “Le Corbusier”.

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Amritsar holds a very special and sacred place in Sikhism. In the heart of Amritsar, the Golden temple or Harminder Sahib is sitauted which attracts thousands of devotees from world every year. It is also a place where Atari border and Jallianwala Bagh is situated.

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Punjab, a state in northern India, has the historic city of Jalandhar. It is the location of Devi Talab Mandir, a revered tank and centuries-old Hindu temple devoted to the goddess Durga. The whitewashed Gurdwara Chhevin Patshahi serves as a Sikh temple.

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Sirhind is also referred as a holy pilgrimage in Punjab. It is the mirror which reflects some serious historical aspects in Sikhism. The two out of “Chaar Sahibzaade(kids of Guru Gobind Singh ji)”, were martyred at this place by Nawab Vazeer Khan at the age of 7 & 9 years old. Every year, during end of December, this place is filled with pilgrims, and Langars(Free food seva).

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Patiala is said to be Royal capital of Punjab. Ala Singh, a Jat Sikh ruler, founded the Patiala fort known as Qila Mubarak, around which the current city of Patiala is built, in 1763, thereby founding the Patiala state. After the Afghans’ victory against the Marathas in the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761, the Afghan writ spread over Punjab. At this point, the Patiala emperors started to amass royal ensigns.

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For many years, Ludhiana is emerged as a Industrialist capital in North India. The city upholds the biggest Clothing manufacturers of India. The city stands on old bank of Satluj River which is now 13km from south side. It has been ranked as one of the easiest city in India for business according to the World Bank.

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Bhatinda is home to Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Ji. The City has several attraction, precisely the Razia Sultan Fort.

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Since the early Indus Valley Civilization until the present, Ropar (or Rupnagar) has been inhabited. Because Ropar is regarded as one of the most significant archaeological sites in the country, visitors from all over the world are drawn to visit. After independence, it was the first Harappan civilization site to be discovered.