The Valley Views

A valley is a long, low terrain that frequently stretches between hills or mountains. It usually has a river or stream that flows from one end to the other. The majority of valleys are the result of the long-term erosion of the land’s surface by rivers or streams. Some valleys are created by glacial ice erosion. In valleys in high mountains or arctic regions, these glaciers might still exist.

I have been to some of the greatest valleys across north India. Today I am open to talk about Parvati Valley, not because its the best one of them, but because I have covered it without filters and details. I have been to Kasol three times, and every time its filled with travellers. None of out of those trips I never stayed in Kasol, but explored almost all the nearby places it has covered so far. Kasol Valley opens up some of the greatest treks, like Grahan, Thunja, Chalal, and Katagla, it takes you to Barchaini(which leads to Kheerganga and Tosh), and the holy place Manikaran Sahab.

Sometimes, I prefer Valley because of the Rivers. I really get amazed by the sound of flowing water. The view is silently letting the River makes his words cry, which I relate with probably, not because I want to cry, but because, sometimes I need to shout as loud as possible, where everybody should listen by remaining quiet. In our lifestyle, there are lots of thoughts we buried inside ourselves. And literally, there is no one to hear us, everybody just wants to give suggestions, point our mistakes, get embarrassed by us, and make judgements. Can somebody just with us yell, till it makes out cry? Yes, there is someone, who can let it be, the mountains, Just look at them, how they are letting the River yell. How beautiful is this love story is? And what about the pine forest? Aren’t they make this more suspicious? Just like their born ones. Which try to cover their mother river from Sunrays, making the entry of outsiders (Sun) almost impossible, in their family matters.