Hidden gem Katagla

Katagla is a beautiful place which once was village situated at the bank of River Parvati, but now each and every home/house is converted into a hotel, resort or a guest house. Entire village is situated on the bank of the Parvati river. It is just 3km before Kasol, but far beautiful than Kasol. All the guest houses are peeking at the burbling water of the river. Where we can feel the ambience of Valley. But on the contrary prices are way much higher due to holiday season. But if you are on big fat trip, then it will definitely worth one night stay.

When we went to Katagla, there were new year celebrations going on. Obviously charges are much more than our budget. While roaming around in Katagla, we were still trying to wondering for a economical guest house, because the lovable aspect of those guest house were- you can enjoy your coffee, beer, Whiskey or anything by treating your eyes with a fabulas river view. There are special sitting arrangements are managed by the guest house owners for visitors to enjoy the ambience and coffee together. As travelers, we were on a budget trip, so we ended by staying in Chalal.

How can we reach Katagla


Every bus from Bhunter to Kasol have to crosses Katagla and Chalal. Or you can opt for Taxi/bullet bike from Bhunter. The best way to reach from Katagla is trek from Kasol.

How much it cost

The hotel cost around Rs 2000/day and goes to the as luxury you want. And in some places, the cost of hotel include breakfast-lunch-dinner, but the price goes upwards according to that.

So Whenever you are in Kasol circut, do visit Katagla village.