Misal Pav ranked in the world’s best “Traditional Dishes”

A Maharashtrian dish named Misal Pav is ranked on 11th positon  in one of the World’s best-rated vegan dishes. A famous platform among food cravers- Taste Atlas, recently announced its list of the World’s best-rated vegan dishes. Not only that, there are 7 Indian dishes that have ranked in the Top 50 list.

Rajma and Aloo Gobi, two other delicacies from India, are ranked 20th and 22nd, respectively, in the list of the world’s top vegan foods. Masala Vada, a well-known treat from Tamil Nadu, is ranked at number 27. Bhelpuri and Rajma Chawal are among the top-rated vegan dishes in the world, ranking 37 and 41, respectively.

While foreign delicacies dominated the top 10, including guacamole, hummus, and spaghetti aglio e olio, Misal Pav took the top spot from India and was ranked at number 11 in the list of the World’s Best Traditional Vegan Dishes.

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Image Source: Chef Kunal

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