Manali days

Manali, a place that I will never forget because of so many reasons. It was my very first trip with my friends. I always wanted to go to Manali with a group of friends after I saw “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani”. The movie changed my life. Suddenly I know what I wanted to do. I want to become a “Bunny”. Just that one character goes so deep inside me, that I decided to travel all around the world or as many places as I can.

Coming back to Manali. Finally, I got a chance to go with a group of 25 people. A maximum of us are students of Animation & the others are directors of the Animation Institute. We had booked a traveller through a Travel site. The name I don’t remember, but the experience was horrible. From that trip, I decided, one day I will introduce such a travel website which will define the real meaning of travelling. My travel company will focus more on making, giving lots of experiences and fun to my clients. Here I come up on, slowly & steadily I am on my way.

Yet Still, we enjoyed it a lot. When we reach Manali, It was the first time when I saw Mountains & Rivers in one frame. I was so mesmerized by the view, that whenever I plan a trip between the Mountains and Sea, I ended up Trekking Trip. I was so deeply satisfied with the views & said to myself, what else do I want? This is life when you hear your inner happiness. If you love mountains just like me, then probably Manali is I your wishlist. There are so many activities, you do within Manali.

Activities to enjoy in Manali

Bullet Ride

Riding a bullet on the road of Manali is a thing which can’t be denied by anyone. You can feel the Valley view by riding ‘Dhuk Dhuk’. Bullet & Mountains are the two deadliest combinations ever.

Availability of Bullet Bike

Renting a bullet in Manali is very easy to find. There are so many Bike Rental Offices on Mall Road.

How much it cost

Renting a Bullet bike starts from Rs 500/day-1500/day. It differs from vender to vender. So while renting a bullet, make sure you should check out at least 4–5 rental offices go through the rate prices, compare them, and then make the final decision.

Best time to Hire Bullet

Bullets are available in all 12 months in a year.


Unfortunately, I haven’t experienced paragliding yet but definitely wanted to. I have been to Manali 4 times, and every time, this wish slips out of our hands. Maybe some other time. If you want adventure in your life, then I will give a thumbs up to paragliding.


You can easily opt for travel agent from Mall Road Manali. I suggest you go for best effective and efficient one.

How much it cost

It starts from Rs 2000 to Rs 4500. And it differ from time and distance you want to opt for.


If you are planning a trip to Manali then it is impossible to skip rafting from your “to-Do” list. The best experience of adventure I have ever had, up until then at least. I will never forget that exquisite feeling of fighting with the surge in between the river. The heartbeat was so loud, that I can hear in my own ears. I can feel each beat while rafting. The feeling was so exotic. Sometimes the surges are so damn outrageous, we feel scared, sometimes they are so quiet that I can heal my own presence and I can hear out my every emotion. You must compare life and problem in just one spot i.e the river. When I ended my rafting tour, I felt that I have achieved something great in my life. I thanked myself on the bank of the river and promise to come back again for sure. I highly recommend all who are reading this, should go rafting.

How much it cost

Just like paragliding, rafting charges are also depend upon distance you want to covered. Basicly starts from Rs 300 to Rs 4000. And cost differ from vender to vender.


Kullu & Bhunter is the main rafting point of Manali. Kullu is merely 40km and Bhunter is 50km from Manali, & take 1 hour journey by bus.

Best time of Rafting

March to June and August to November is the best season for raftng. Rainy season is not meant good for rafting because water lever of river increased and in winters, water become freezy cold.

Hidimba Devi Templa

Hidimba Devi Temple

If you are fond of knowing Culture in India, you definitely should go there. The peace will make you fall in love with your existence. The temple will showcases original Manali Content. This temple is named after the wife of Bheema(from Mahabharata).

Mall Road

Mall Road of Manali during Independence Day

Mall road is a common point where everyone who reaches Manali surely roams around on Mall Road. It’s a market where you will get all the items from mementoes to trekking, dress material to everything you want. On Mall Road, you will find each of your favourite restaurants out there. But still, I prefer you to try local Himachali food.