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Last Indian Village Mana: Unravelled Mahabharata

Mana is India’s last village at the edge of Uttarakhand and has become a major attraction among tourists In recent years. Just 3km from Badrinath. It is the place associated with Mahabharata. According to some stories. the Pandwas and Draupadi ended their last journey to the Himalayas at Mana.

Major attractions in Mana

Ganesh Temple
Ganesh Temple, Mana

Ganesh temple is where the Indian epics and Mahabharata were composed by Lord Ganesh/and are recited by Guru Ved Vyas.  According to our Epics, Guru Ved Vyas ji put a challenge in front of Lord Ganesha, to write down each sentence of the event recited by him. There was a challenge of not holding the pen for any moment. But Lord Ganesha, ask him to elaborate on each Doha (Sanskrit form of a poem) with his reciting(by the same time can write the Doha’s. Challenge accepted by ganesha.

Now that guru Ved Vyas ji were reciting shloks,  inbetween, the Kalam(feather were used as in form of pen) stopped working by some reasons, he instantly pluck his tooth of elephant in form of continuing the shlokas reciting by guru.

Due to which, even in todays visuals of images of lord Ganesha’s, he have that broken one tooth.

Vyas Gufa

When the Guru Ved Vyas was reciting Mahabharata to Lord Ganesh he got angry with Ganesha and decided to write the last chapter on his own In Vyas Gufa. So the 18th Chapter of Mahabharata- the epic was self-written by Guru Ved vyas ji. The place was known as Vyas Gufa. Ganesh Temple and Vyas Gufa are interconnected by walls. 

Hindustan ka Akhiri Dhaba
India's last tea shop, Mana

This famous place got its charm due to its iconic name with location. I mean who doesn’t want to go there and take a selfie to remind of being there at the last shop at India. Even I got the major influence with the images shared by the people over the internet. 

Hindustan ka Akhiri Dhaba is situated near Bhim Pul(Bridge made by Bhim). at the end of village.

Bheem Pul(Bridge made by Bheem)

The story behind Bheempul has it that when Pandwas and the Draupadi were heading towards heaven, they got stuck on the way due to the river coming in the way. So Balshali Bheem came forward and made a bridge of giant stone. After that. it was named Bheempul as it is made by Bheem.

Draupadi Temple
Draupadi Temple Enterance

When Pandwas and Draupadi were heading toward the journey to Heaven, they crossed the Mana Village, by the time nearby Bheem pul, Draupadi’s soul left from her body. Draupadi Temple is situated 200m from Hindustan ka Akhiri Dhaba. It is the place where Draupadi’s soul abandoned her body on her journey to the Himalayas. Then it was named Draupadi Temple.

How to reach Mana

It is Just 3km from Badrinath.

Shared taxies are easily available. and you can also take a walk as the road is built well.

Most travellers consider visiting Mane by a Bullet motorbike. You can hire a ‘Bullet from Rishikesh: it will cost Rs500-1000 per day.

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