Kedarkantha Trek Distance: A Comprehensive Guide to the Length and Duration of the Trek

A popular hiking trail in the Indian Himalayas is known for its stunning decor and the indelible experience it offers to adventurers. However, one important thing to know is how long it is, If you’re allowed to take on this journey. The distance of the Kedarkantha Trek is a major factor in deciding how numerous days you’ll spend hiking and what you can anticipate along the way!

Nestled in the heart of Uttarakhand, the Kedarkantha Trek is a witching downtime journey known for its mesmerizing geographies, serene timbers, and foamy aqueducts. This inconceivable beauty is the reason behind Kedarkantha’s surname – The Queen of Winter Treks. Starting from the antique villa of Sankri, the trail winds through lush green meadows, dotted with majestic pine trees, before climaxing at the Kedarkantha Peak, standing altitudinous at an altitude of 12,500 bases. Pedestrians generally take

Kedarkantha Overview

Following that, this destination is also well known as a point chosen to cover the snow leopards. It greets the adventure campaigners looking for eye-catching peaks, various foliage and fauna, and glistering gutters. therefore, it’s important to plan a Kedarkantha Peak journey diary and set out for the Himalayan passage. The information needed in the passage is simplified in the points outlined below. Alpine suckers must run their eyes over the details and furnish the journey schedule consequently.

Stylish Time to visit Kedarkantha Trek

Alpine suckers can plan the passage in the stylish season and enjoy the Garhwal range passage. likewise, the season-wise details regarding the Kedarkantha journey stylish season are comprehended below. Pedestrians can splint through the information and elect any of the seasons for the journey.

The stylish time for the Kedarkantha journey is during downtime and utmost of the avaricious pedestrians choose to go on this journey during December month. In downtime, you’ll get the stylish experience of this Snowy journey.

Kedarkantha Trek Distance

The Kedarkantha Trek distance is 20 Kilometers and begins from base camp. The trip for the journey begins from base camp Sankari Village. All the pedestrians who have listed their trip for the rise are needed to reach the destination. The distance covered from the near destination is simplified below. Hiking addicts can reach their destination via machine, hack, or hack.

Travel Distance from Delhi to Dehradun is 240 Km

Travel Distance from Dehradun to Uttarkashi 210 Km

Travel Distance from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi 167 Km

How to reach

According to the Diary we preferred touring starting from Dehradun. From there you can join your touring team. However, you can use the following commute options, If you’re directly reaching the base camp that’s Sankri.

By Air

The closest field to the megacity is the gleeful Grant Airport in Dehradun, located roughly 25 kilometers down. There’s a diurnal flight from Delhi to Dehradun. Once you reach Dehradun, you can either hire a hack or use public transportation to reach the base camp.

By Train

Upon reaching Dehradun, you can also take a private vehicle or a machine to Sankri.

By Road

Regular machine services are available from Delhi to Dehradun. It’s recommended to take a Delhi government machine from Kashmere Gate to Dehradun.

Why Kedarkantha Is the Stylish Winter Trek in India

  • Mind–Blowing Camping Experience – Prepare yourself for an extraordinary camping experience amidst the alluring woods, deep within the thick timbers of Govind Vihar National Park, nestled in the majestic Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Each campground along this journey is unique and offers mesmerizing views of the girding geography.
  • Frozen timbers – As you embark on this journey, you’ll cut through thick timbers adorned with Himalayan Coniferous trees. also, you’ll journey through thick timbers fully covered in ice, learning to set up camps on snow-covered clearings.
  • Beginner’s Friendly Trek – This downtime journey is perfect for newcomers, offering a harmonious mix of natural beauty and thrilling adventure.
  • Summit Climb – Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping peak rise, where thick layers of snow will challenge you until you reach the zenith.
  • Winter Wonderland – During the downtime months, you’ll have the occasion to witness fresh snowfall, towering snow-limited peaks, and plaintively cold nights, creating an indelible trekking experience.
  • shooter’s Paradise – There’s an inarguable charm in this world, and being in the right place allows you to truly witness it. This journey is a haven of beauty, furnishing shutterbugs with the perfect occasion to capture stirring images of nature. Every frame resembles a graphic card.

Kedarkantha’s journey will treat you to a fantastic array of foliage and fauna throughout the journey.


Kedarkantha Trek is a mountaineer delight of its snowy wintry rainfall trails and covering your way through smooth green pine timbers.

If you are searching for a quick rendezvous from the mundane movements of city life also the Kedarkantha journey experience is bound to jump your spirits. However, one important thing to know is how long it is, If you’re allowed to take on this journey. The distance of the Kedarkantha Trek is a major factor in deciding how numerous days you’ll spend hiking and what you can anticipate along the way!

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