Himachal Great Lakes

Our beautiful lakes of Kashmir is already winning hearts everywhere. I was so mesmerized with the views of Kashmir lakes, I put those list on my bucket list on immediate response. That picturesque gave me idea of check out some thing in my favorite place ever i.e Himachal Pradesh. And have a look on my list of some scenic vista collection of Great Lakes of Himachal.

Top 9 mesmerizing great lakes of Himachal needs to be in anyone’s bucket list


Kareri Lake, Dharamshala

Image Source: Tour my India

Kareri Lake is viewable only after a small trek in Dharamshala and it is situated at elevation of 12000 ft height. The lake remains frozen in months of  December to March. Also, at decent hill top view, there is a temple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati at Kareri. 

Kareri Lake is also known as Kumarwah lake which consisit fresh water and shallow depth. Mighty Dhauladar Range of Mountains gives a perfect view and add more stars to this place. Its a offbeat destination for all mountain lover and a perfect weekend gateway. 

How to reach Kareri Lake

Its is approximately 20 km from Dharamshala, which can be reachable at sharing cab facility.


Bhrigu Lake, Kullu

Image Source: Google

The lake is located in Kullu District, which is at the height of 13,900 ft above sea level. Due to social media and word of mouth, the lake attracts thousand of tourists every year. One of the best enchanting view can be encountered at the lake. Yet another name of the lake is “Pool of God”. As the name of Brighu lake is pointed to the Monk(Rishi) named ‘Bhrigu’ who meditated here for years. Also it is to be said that, most of Gods of Kullu localities, had a dip in this holy water.

How to reach Bhrigu Lake

22 km Drive from Manali to Gulaba

7 km Trek distance from Gulaba to Rola Koli


Parashar Lake, Mandi

Image source: Thrillophilia

The lake has the name of Sage Parashar, who is thought to have spent a considerable amount of time meditating on the river’s banks. In the location of his meditation, Raja Ban Sen, the monarch of Mandi, also erected a three-story pagoda-style temple, which he dedicated to Sage Parashar.

In this delightful scenario, special attraction here is the famous floating island which changes it location time to time. The island floats toward the east in the morning and reaches the west by the evening. No one has cracked the mystery behind floating island in between the lake.

How to reach Parashar Lake

Parashar Lake is around 40 km from Mandi.


Beas Kund, Manali

Image Source: Vargis Khan

Beas Kund is a famous spot in Manali range and a solely reason to water source in the town. The Beas river follows us from the journey itself, while travelling to Manali. People do visit this place, but this place has a sacred belief behind itself. It is to be said that, Guru Ved Vyas took daily bath in the source. Guru Ved Vyas is one who wrote Mahabharata. Its is quite relatable that the name of the kund may driven from Vyas(Beas) and Kund(Lake).

How to reach Beas Kund

Drive from Manali to Dhundi

Trek from Dhundi to Palchhani Thatch (1.5 Km)

Trek from Palchhani Thatch to Lohali(4 Km)

Trek from Lohali to Beas Kund(5 Km)


Suraj Taal, Baralacha La Pass

Image Source: Wikipedia

Suraj Taal is located in Lahual area on elevation of 14,000 ft. As the Name itself suggests, Lake of Sun, Taal denotes Lake and Suraj denotes Sun. The lake also named as Tso Kamtsi and Surya Taal. This lake situated on the way of Manali to Leh journey. Few minutes drive later you will encounter Chandra Taal. The scenic vista view here is such breathtaking with grey mountains and cyan blue water which makes the perfect combination.

How to reach Suraj Taal

The lake is situated on the Manali Leh Highway and can be reachable via drive.


Chandra Taal Lake, Spiti Valley

Image Source: Moxtain

Chandra Taal, the Moon Lake is situated at very next to Suraj Taal on the Manali Leh Highway. The lake is situated at the altitude of  14,100 ft height. Chandra Taal attracts many travelers  due to crystal clear ambience of water and 360 degree panorama views of grey mountains. The best season to visit these lakes are may to September due to favourable weather conditions. Visitors can enjoy camping, trekking, and star gazing at night.

How to reach Chandra Taal

This lake is also situated on the Manali Leh Highway and can be reachable via drive.


Deepak Taal, 

Image Soucre: Flickr

Deepak Tal is one of the many attractions in Keylong that is a quiet body of water in the valley as you travel along the highway between Leh and Manali. In particular, this is so because the glacial lake’s tranquil waters mirror the peaceful surroundings of snow-capped peaks and dusty hills.

One of the best places to explore in Keylong is the lake, which is situated at a height of about 3,750m above sea level and provides the riders passing by with the ideal retreat.

How to reach Deepak Taal

Deepak Taal is at the same root of Manali Leh highway and can be reachable in drive access.


Nag Dal, Indrahar Pass

Image Source: Tempest Treks

It serves as a starting point for Dhauladhar Seven Lake Treks. It’s a lovely journey that begins in Mcleodgang. To get to the magnificent Nag Dal Lake, you must pass through the Indrahara Pass and continue trekking for a few hours. If you want to continue trekking, you can also get to Lam Dal and continue on to Kareri Lake. If not, return to Lahesh Caves and move on to Mcleodgang.
Nag Dal known as a Cobra Lake was explored by the King of Alwar Raja Bhagsu.

How to reach Nag Dal

Trek from Macleodganj to Triund(9 Kms)

Trek from Triund to Lahesh Caves

Trek from Lahesh Caves to Nagdal(crossing via Indrahar Pass)


Dashir Lake, Rohtang Pass

Image Source: Sushant Travels

One of Himachal Pradesh’s most impressive waters, Dashir Lake is located at a high elevation. situated close to the Rohtang Pass, which connects Lahaul with the Kullu district. For admirers of landscape, this lake is a real treasure. You can see straight through the lake due to the lake’s clear blue water.

The backdrop’s scenery is also magnificent. It is the ideal getaway location and a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life because of the rugged mountain cliffs, gorgeous waterfalls, and small Himachal town nestled among the valleys.
The water of Dashir Lake is thought to have healing properties, and the lake is revered as sacred by the residents. The pool is between three and four metres deep.

How to reach Dashir Lake

You can take a taxi from Manali and travel to Rohtang Pass to get to Dashir Lake via the Manali route.

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