Hemkund Sahib: Holy Place which encounter seven peaks

Hemkund Sahib is one of the most famous pilgrimages among the Sikhs community. As I consider myself a beginner trekker and Hemkund trek is, kind of, a difficult one. I had difficulty navigating through the trek. It is 7.30 am from Ghangharia village and situated at the peak of mountains, due to which it is difficult to breathe at the end of the trek We were already tired as hell because we had trekked 8km the previous day from Pulna to Ghangharia. Our legs were swollen severely, but now that we were at Ghangharia we couldn’t go back without visiting Hemkund Sahib. We had to soldier on. but as we were already tired. It was becoming more and more difficult to go on Whenever we would see a dhaba. we would imagine this must be that ‘halfway dhaba we were told about But we were disappointed as even’ time the dhabawalas told us theirs isn’t the halfway dhaba. Finally. when we did reach the halfway dhaba. we were able to see some tiny little.

Trek to Hemkund Sahib

A little moment of beings at the peek which gave us a little motivation After halfway. I and my friends decided that this isn’t working and we had to trek efficient­ly and take some shortcuts to cover more distance. So post halfway. we started again.

The Toughest Trial

Last part to trek towards Hemkund Sahib

By way of shortcuts we had to climb through rocks. We were now covering more distance in less time but putting in more efforts, because it is more difficult to climb through rocks than moving slowly ahead the normal way. But as we were leaving more people behind us. it was thrilling. We covered the next 2km in just 45 minutes But now, there were the stairs to the gurudwara and the weather around became foggy and the peek become invisible. Climbing the stairs was the most difficult part of the whole trek. All of us were terribly exhausted. but now there was no going back. Also. it was difficult to breathe due to decreased oxygen level. coupled with exhaustion. The never-ending stairs kept going on and on. with no guntdwara in sight. There was a point when we could see the Nishan Sahib and we thanked Wabegunt but the guntdwara was still not there. Near the end, with neither courage nor energy left. we started almost crawling along the sidebars of the endless stairs.

Hemkund Lake

Thankfully. we reached the darbar at last. took a deep breath and thanked God. Then we attended last ardas of the day and had kada prasad. which was the best prasad I have ever had and gave us the energy to walk in Hemkund. We took some photos and then had the langar. The whole trek was tremendously tiring but a heavenly experience nonetheless.

How to get to Hemkund Sahib

The Hemkund trek also begins with Ghangharia village. It is approximately 8km from there.

You can opt for trekking if you are a trek-lover. but pony rides are also available from the village.

Best time to visit Hemkund Sahib

Hemkund Sahib is open front May to October.

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