For solo women travelers, Kerala Tourism will launch an app

Kerala Tourism has made the decision to launch an app that will cater to the needs of women travelling alone and in their own groups in an effort to attract female solo travellers. Women-friendly travel packages, women-owned tour companies, and female tour guides will all be featured on this smartphone application. All of this makes for simple, comfortable, and cost-free travel for women inside the state.

The government has asked the State Responsible Tourism Mission (RT Mission), the nodal agency for implementing the ‘Women-Friendly Tourism’ project, to come up with content for the same. This shall have all the location-specific information along with the correct images of the place.

The release shared by Tourism Minister PA Mohamed Riyas mentioned that they wish to make “conducive ambience for women tourists” in Kerala.

“We are living in a world where it has become a trend for women to travel to far off places in groups of their own or individually. The app on women-friendly tourism project will make the visit to Kerala more pleasant and hassle-free for women,” he said.

The project was launched in October 2022, following the idea of “Gender Inclusive Tourism” developed by UN Women. The department also has plans to develop a number of travel items and deals that are welcoming to women.

The state tourism department aims at participation of 1.5 lakh women from the state as the project has the support of several organisations including UN Women. As per the release, the target is to create 10,000 women ventures and 30,000 jobs in the tourism sector.

The mobile app will have all the details of women-friendly resorts, hotels, women enterprises, recognised tour operators, women tour operators, travel agencies, homestays and women tour guides. The department also mentioned that the app will feature women-led handicraft and souvenirs.

Source by Timesofindia.India Times

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