Chandigarh’s coolest sundowners, when weekend is coming

Boozing and dancing in a club is the most required tip on the weekend. There is a famous quote amongst party animals, “Work ass off throughout the week and live fullest in the week offs. When the weekend is just ahead, I am expressing my experience of Clubbing in Chandigarh. I have been working professionally and partying every weekend for the past 3 years now. From which, there is no famous club skipped from my heels over any weekend.

Top famous party places in Chandigarh


Club Playboy

Image Source: Ms Chirpy

Playboy Club here is considered the most premium club in the city. This disc offers the best music and party vibes in the city. Few international dance artists groove on the stage with beats which drive the crowd crazy. According to their lineup of scheduled events, they bring special artists and DJs which hypes the aura of the same club. This club have the highest entry fees in the entire city.


Paara Club

Do you remember the famous song by Diljit Dosanjh, “Panj Taara”? The whole song was shot in the very same club – Paara. Since then, the club got an attraction towards everyone, whether they are from Chandigarh or not. The menu is quite normal, and you may get a free couple entry if you have registered(depending upon some occasions).


Ministry of Bar Exchange (MOBE 26)

Mobe 26(there are 2 branches of Mobe, one is situated in sector 26) was not my favourite party place, but over the period of time, it has been my most visited club in Chandigarh ever. Now I only went to Mobe almost every weekend due to the known faces and average price menu. It has complete club vibes and before 10 pm you can enjoy live music on weekends, after, getting high on vibes, the musical cap shifts to the Dj. This is quite fascinating and a calculated move, I must say, you have time to booze and settle in the aura, once you are done with drinks, here the Dj magic floats.



This party place is situated at the heart of city of party people. Poison Chandigarh is Tricity’s party hotspot. It serves a fresh nightlife concept to the city. With its seductive ambiance, this restaurant certainly knows how to drive people insane. There aren’t many nightclubs in Sector-17, but Poison has stood tall since its inception.



Prankster grabs the good attention of couples due to their interior, ambience and music drive. Plus it offers free couples and singles girls entry during weekends also, which has become quite rare after post covid. I am sure you will groove unstoppable when Dj turns on the music.



QIZO is the ultimate destination for Dine in & Disc. The place has an amazing interior design which has raised the standards already but it also offers the best satisfaction for your food cravings. QIZO is the ideal blend of a café, exquisite dining, brewery, and lavish bar. The wonderfully designed bar, which glows with huge chandeliers and a magnificent Buddha statue, is the major attraction at this bar and disc.


Bargain Booze

Bargain Booze claims itself the first ever kind of Club which offers bargaining(Negotiation) in Booz (drinks) in Tricity. The place thinks that alcohol has the ability to unite people. They also believe that the only thing more interesting than buying a drink is bargaining for it.

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