Cafe Hoppers! Don’t miss out these amazing cafes in Bir

Café hopping in Bir is as fascinating as paragliding in Bir. We all know Bir is capturing tourist as the name of paragliding, but once you get to reach there, you come out with a new synonym for Bir, “Heaven for Café lovers”. When I went there is year. 

When I visited Bir in winters, just with the mind of giving a shot to paragliding, but when I reached there at night, I was fascinated by the beautiful cafe’s and restaurants all around the place. One more thing you find very often in Bir is Monasteries. These both are very common at every inch of the place. When I punched into my hostel i.e. Moustache Bir, I was indeed very starving, I asked my only dorm mate to go out for dinner, as hostel was not offering kitchen at that time of the season. We both went to café Emaho at my first ever food experience in Bir, followed by dorm mate who was been there from a while(I guess a month). I was fortunate enough to find a hostel mate to whom Bir was a like a hideout from outside world. I give all credit to him for my café hoping experience in Bir. I stayed there for 3 days and the experience lead me to write a blog just about cafes of Bir.

Must visit cafes in Bir-Billing


Emaho Cafe

As I already mentioned above, Emaho’s Café is my first dine in experience in Bir. This place offers some of the best Tibetan food and music of your choice. This place is amazing because of the hardworking, upbeat staff that pays attention to detail. This cafe is the place to go if you want excellent service. The opinions of the guests indicate that the prices are reasonable. Many visitors agree that the vibe is laid back. 


Garden Cafe
Image Source: Udaipurian

This garden cafe is made in a house property, which gives a nice home touch as well. Café with décor flowers captures everyone’s attention already though but the outside view itself is a treat to eyes. As a matter of fact, I do experience a ultra slow serving of stuff which might bother you if go their while starving. Other than that, the vibes are peaceful and the picturesque view in front of our eyes while eating is double treat itself.


Happy Vibes Cafe and Stay

This is also a homestay and they have a cozy cafe downstairs with a backyard and co-working space where you can work and chill and have good food at the same time, And also you can explore Bir on foot. They have 2 cute Golden Retrievers dogs Happy and Enzo, they roam around all over and spread happiness with their presence. We have unplugged live music sessions on the weekends in our cafe with soulful artists.


The Northern Cafe
Image Source: Japji Travel

The Northern Cafe on site will nourish you with home grown vegetables and freshly cooked food. Dine in authentic Himachali ambience with the best views in town. This is perfect place for those who seek connecting with nature and experiencing good service at eco-friendly establishments.


June 16 Cafe
Image Source: Google

I heard about the story behind the name of the café from somewhere on research that this café is owned by a couple who proposed on June 16 and hence the name. This café got its limelight after few visits paid by big names of Bollywood on Instagram. So you can visit there just to crack the code of secret of popularity and flaunt it on your Insta as well.


Cafe Ilaka
Image Source: Google

Nice place to go with friends or family, it’s close to the landing site, and you can enjoy the view with every drink. The pizza, pasta, and peanut butter shake we had there were very tasty. Don’t forget to try the sandwiches and masala tea as well.


Silver Lining Community Cafe Bir
Image Source: Bir United

If you want to relax and feel the authentic nature vibes with the delicious but limited offering food on the plate, than this one of the oldest cafe located in Suja village is the place you must go. Most people just visit there for the peace and the sterling experience of Mountains. Small house cum café situated in the midst of lush green plains with a perfect sunset is going to be your next memorable sunset experience.


Meals and Kneads Bakery
Image Source: Meals and Kneads Instagram

If you have urge to try bakery in Bir, than there is best bakery situated in Bir. This bakery offers you one of the best and wide range of mouth watering desserts. This bakery located in village near Bir i.e. Bari. One of the nice option here is Choco chip cookies, which I found out pretty delicious.


Ara Cafe
Image Source: Parvatah

Delicious food that is presented artistically to please every sense.
The food is delicious, the service is excellent, and the cafe has a wonderful atmosphere. Every cuisine is delicious. We tried the grilled fish, chicken, dal, spaghetti, and chicken, all of which were excellent. Chef Mr. Sunny is an expert in the kitchen. Allow yourself to go if you’re in Bir.


Olive’s Kitchen
Image Source: Olive's Kitchen Instagram

Olive Kitchen serves excellent paneer, sandwiches, and butter chicken, so it’s worth a visit. From the perspective of the guests, this place serves tasty banoffee pies. Positive reviews are given to delicious coffee.

This establishment is well-known for its excellent service and helpful, polite staff. This location claims to have reasonable prices. Savour the unique ambiance in this place. Guests’ reviews have given this restaurant a Google 5 rating.

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