Bir-Billing: Ideal Destination for Solo Travellers

Bir is a really underrated and undiscovered place in most people’s opinion. Even I didn’t know much about that place until I got a chance to visit there. To be truthful, I just planned one day trip to Bir, just for Paragliding stuff. But after I went to Bir, the trip extended to 3 days straight. I cancelled my further itinerary on the travel list and decided to stay there only. That kind of magic is in Bir. The place has a separate fan base who like different peaceful vibes. I lived there in the hostel Mustache Bir.

I went to Bir as a Solo, but return with so many good friends and memories. For Solo travellers, Bir is an ideal place to enjoy. The place is the perfect combination of Tibetan Culture, tea gardens, Camping, Trekking, Hang Gliding, Paragliding Mountain Biking, and Shopping at Bir Bazaar.

How Bir is far from just being a Paragliding Hotspot

Paragliding capital of India

We all know Bir has risen his image due to the Paragliding Capital of India. The solo published fact is attracting thousand of tourists every year. The place has recently (5-8 April) conducted the Paragliding world cup of 2023 on the large scale. Where participants from all around the world showed their spirit of winning. Bir Billing is one the best Paragliding destination in World and is considered the best condition for Paragliding.

Bir: Hub of Tibetan Culture

Sherabling Monastery

Trust me, there are more than 7-8 exotic and gigantic Buddhist monasteries in Bir, in which thousand of devotees live, study, pray, chant, and play happily. The biggest monastery in Bir is Sherabling Monastery which is a hostel and institution. I have never seen such a huge monastery after Thiksey Monastery(Leh). Other than this, there are several exotic Tibetan temples and institutions in Bir. Another big and famous monastery which is situated at the heart of the village is Chokling Monastery. Not just these, you may find a monastery at any point in the place. Do enjoy your Tibetan journey.

Heaven for food explorers and Cafe hoppers

Emaho Cafe

Don’t call yourself a true food explorer if you haven’t been to this ultimate place of food cuisine. This place has such pleasing cafes and a kitchen where you can enjoy food with “a view”. The cuisine is inspired by Tibetan vibes too. You can satisfy your food cravings at any cafe. There are so many famous places to taste authentic food of Bir.

Fortunately, the hostel mate was a food lover, so I didn’t go through with the hassle of finding any good cafes. I went to some most beautiful cafes out of all of my prior experiences. What else do we want, good food, a good view & peace. 

Never miss a Sunset in Bir

Sunset in Bir

Yes, Bir is a love for sunset lovers. It was around 2 pm, When I was hopping Sherabling Monastery, it took a few hours to take an overview of the complete monastery. We had a plan to visit Baijnath afterwards. But we didn’t notice that the sun is about to set. I and my hostel mate were about to leave the place but for instance, but the sunset was more important to me. I decided to take a moment and just sit there and let wish good luck to the sun which is going for a nap in front of us. I asked my friend to buy some snacks and a cold drink from a shop just behind us and take a memory snap of this beautiful sunset. I still remember the moment of having snacks on the roadside and having a mesmerising view of the sunset.

That was my perfect sunset story.

Renting options of Bikes and Scooters are at best rates

Outside of Sherabling Monastery

Bir is known for its authenticity and culture. As there are very few public transports which are available at specific time slots, so, if you are in the village, it is impossible to cover this beauty with local transport. Hire a bike/scooter for a real moment. These are available at very genuine prices in comparison to Manali and Rishikesh. I hired a scooter, and I would never regret the penny I spent. It become more convenient for us to cover a few places which were not possible on public transport.

Mountain bike rider’s first choice

Cycling in Bir is another level of experience which is unforgettable. Adventure activity known as mountain biking includes riding a bicycle over difficult, off-road terrain. For some, it may be their retreat from a stressful week and a chance to connect with nature and their inner selves, however for someone like me, it may be about racing down steep, tight Single Tracks riddled with rocks and roots and deep gorges on one side. 

The amazing weather of all time

This is one such place which is always open because of its favourable weather conditions. All months are good to go there. But April to November is considered perfect weather conditions if you are visiting there from any other part of the country. In this season, the temperature is bearable.

Place with Coolest Hostels, Luxury Hotels and Just Perfect Home Stays

Hostel Mustache
Mustache's garden

There is no point in the debate about the above statement. Bir consists of one of the coolest stays whether it is a hostel, homestay or Luxury stay. Every stay has been specially decorated and organised in such a way as to enhance the experience of travellers. Stays here are available for each class of mindset and you can go according to your budget and vibe.

Tremendous view of Tea Gardens

Tea Garden in Bir

In the densely populated Lower Bir neighbourhood of Chowgan, numerous lush tea farms are home to a wide variety of tea varieties. The climate in Bir is perfect for growing tea, and the tea farms are stunning with the backdrop of foggy clouds and hills.

These Chowgan Tea Gardens are the most refreshing spots to visit in Bir Billing, and a trip here is really enjoyable. Many women are employed as labour in these tea gardens, carrying baskets on their backs to collect the just-picked tea leaves. Some of them are approachable enough for tourists to take pictures with them.

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