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Bazaars of Jaipur

The Bazaar’s of Jaipur

Jaipur, India’s Pink City, is known for its rich history and heritage, which exudes an amazing mix of royalty and art. Jaipur shopping provides a diverse range of unique options ranging from gemstones to artwork, handicrafts to costumes, making it an enriching experience for shopaholics.

Jauhri Bazaar/MI Road

Jauhari Bazaar is one of the biggest Jewelry Markets in North India. It’s a top-notch place for Jewelry lovers. You can buy precious stones, gems, semi-precious stones, and jewellery from The market.

Speciality: Jewelry related all items

Best time to Visit: 10 am to 11 pm

Location: MI Road, Badi Chaupad, Jaipur

Tripolia Bazaar

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This market is famous nationwide for its colorful, authentic Lac Chude Bangles. It is the best place for any kind of bangle shopping in Rajasthan. Textiles are also very famous in this market. World-famous Bandini Ties and Dyes fabrics are available here.

Specialty: Lac Bangles, and Textiles

Best time to Visit: 10am to 8 pm

Location: Kanwar Nagar, Jaipur

Chand Pole Bazaar

Image Source: Yatra Blog

The Market is one of the oldest markets of Jaipur. It is a place where jaw-dropping creativity takes place. You can buy any source of Handicrafts, Marble Structures, and Handlooms. In Khazanewalo Ka Rasta, there are huge varieties of traditional and flamboyant shoes, pretty handicrafts, Beautiful sculptures made of wood and stones, carpets, and Mewari turbans.

Speciality: Handcrafted items

Best time to Visit: 10 am to 7 pm

Location: Chand Pole, Jaipur

Sireh Deori Bazaar

The market is situated just opposite of Hawa Mahal. Due to its hyped location, the pricing will cost a hike, but the aura keeps you letting spent each penny remains. This market is famous for Street shopping of traditional attires and home decor pieces. You can’t deny yourself the shines of traditional Jutti’s which are popping out of nowhere.

Speciality: Traditional attires and home decor pieces.

Best time to Visit: 10 am to 11 pm

Location: Just opposite of Hawa Mahal

Mirza Ismail Road 

If you take pottery too seriously so do take by Jaipur. This market is meant for you. You should must visit MI Road(Mirza Ismail Road) for once in a lifetime. The market is older than a century. The Rajputs dynasties were very fond of this pottery art. They used to buy this for enhancing their palace looks. This MI Road is famous since then only.

Speciality: The vibrant Pottery Art

Best time to Visit: 11 am to 8 pm

Location: MI Road, Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur

The Gem Palace

Image Source: Financial Times

If you have a slight corner towards antique items, then the Gem Palace is a thing for you. Every items they put in front of you, will tell their cost itself. Every item has a story. The family-run business has a great legacy that continues to grow till date.

Speciality: Antique Jewel Pieces.

Best time to Visit: 10:30 am to 7 pm

Location: MI Road, Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur

Aravali Bazaar

Image Source: Shaadidukaan

Aravali Bazaar should be your first choice if you wish to buy items for your home. The market is a one-stop shop where you can buy special authentic comforters, bed linens, stationery, and even clothing of the highest calibre. Each product offered here is reasonably priced.

Speciality: Home Decor

Best time to Visit: 11 am to 6 pm

Location: Vinayak Apartment, Prithviraj Road, Jaipur

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