Bazaars of Hyderabad

Best market places in Hyderabad

In south India, Hyderabad is very popular for every kind of shopping. Along with eating mouthwatering biryani and other delectable Hyderbadi cuisine, shopping is one of the city’s residents’ favourite pastimes. Hyderabad is charming and is renowned for its lovely bazaars.

Perfume Market

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If you have inclination towards, exquisite smells, then this place is specially dedicated exclusively to perfumes and Ittra. This market is situated near Mir Chowk. If you have a fascination of rare and unique perfumes, this experience going to last forever. The perfumes are sold in exotic and antique glass bottles that are no less than a treat itself. The market is almost a century old.

Charminar Bazaar

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The neighbourhood of Char Minar stands out for its rural appeal in the city of that has been completely taken over by modernism. It is highly recognised across the world for the Barsa Pearl, which is adorned with gold and silver. One of Hyderabad’s top markets is this one. You can shop Sarees, Hyderabadi khada dupattas, sherwanis, and other clothes are available. This is the spot for you if you’re a fashion designer. There are many different native goods accessible here. And naturally! Pearls of Barsa.

Laad Bazaar

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Laad means lacquer which is specifically used to make bangles, on which artificial diamonds are studded. shops sell bangles, saris, wedding-related items, and imitation jewellery. The one-kilometer-long Laad Bazar, also known as “Choodi Bazar” in the local language and referred to by tourists as the “paradise of bangles,” is jam-packed with bangles and other items.

Image Source: Monalika Adig

West of Charminar is where it is situated. Due to its popularity, it is a little congested; therefore, the use of cars and rickshaws has been prohibited. To explore, one must either ride a motorcycle or stroll down the lane.

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