Ayodhya will soon have a temple museum

In a move to showcase the architectural heritage and scientific elements of Indian temples, the UP Government has announced plans to come up with a temple museum in Ayodhya. This museum will aim to narrate the illustrious history of Hindu temples, and make people aware of them.

If reports are to go by, the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department has already started to work and will soon prepare a detailed action plan with regard to the building of the museum. It goes without saying that Indian temples are unique in terms of architecture, and that experts from across the globe have carried out innumerable tests on Indian temples and numerous research literature have also been published while studying this subject.

It’s not just the architectural grandeur of these temples that have lured people from across the globe, but Indian temples are also expressions of culture. With this in mind, the UP state government is all in to build this temple museum, which aims to showcase the multifaceted concepts of Indian temples across the globe.

The temple museum is envisioned for Ayodhya with the purpose of enlightening the younger generation about the rationale behind the construction of temples at specific sites, as well as the underlying philosophy guiding their creation. This encompasses insights into ancient India’s technological advancements, the role of temples in worship, educational institutions like ‘mathas’ and ‘pithams’, and an exploration of the architectural brilliance demonstrated by several temples.

Reportedly, the proposed museum will comprise 12 distinct galleries, which will evoke a sense of pride and reverence among visitors, while also shedding light on the scientific and philosophical dimensions of the temples, as per the official announcement.

These 12 galleries will delve into topics such as the concept of God in Sanatan Dharma, the underlying philosophy of worship methodologies, the necessity of temples for performing rituals, architectural finesse and craftsmanship, the philosophy underlying rituals, the broader societal significance of temples beyond worship, the utilitarian aspects, fundamental elements of Indian temples, techniques employed in temple construction, and the meticulous scientific approach and architecture encompassing various temple types.

Apart from 12 galleries, the museum will also feature a beautiful garden, cafeteria, pond, and basement parking.

Article Source: Time of India/Times Travel

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