I am a travel blogger from Jaipur. I build this website Backbencherboots.com for sharing my wonderful experiences through travelling and make a complete guide for others.

Backbencherboots is a expression of courageous girls who believe in  taking risks. It is inspiring lots of young people through their content. We support  girls to take solo trips or Girls gang trips. I am is travelling from past 4 years in more than 45 places in India till now. Now we are sharing all her experiences through Backbencheboots.

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Backbencher boots allows you enter in travelling world through articles. The diary of Backbencher boots leads to covering all content which scores most of queries related to when, how, where to travel. It gives you stage to share your unforgettable story of travel. Like there must be story of unknown person helping you out in stucked part, or riding a free ride with a unknown man but ended up a safe ride.


In recent years, “vlogging” has conquered throughout social media, and it has spawned large number of community. Also it proclaimed that alongside being entertaining vlogs can deliver deeper context through imagery. So experience through gates of travel life from vlogging. Click here


For most of people, wanderers  travelling is nothing without photography. Photography is a moment which we carried forward through our entire life. Photos gives us smile by reminding stucked up moments, or have power to turn our mood sad by reminding happiest candid moments. Share your moments with backbencherboots.


Backbencherboots has covered more than 45 places across India and the journey continues. It covers :

  • Peace at Peaks
  • Street life
  • Yummy Tummy, Happy Tummy,Food Blast
  • Local Yocal
  • Uncharted Mirachi
Solo Trips

Solo travelling is itself explainatory  word which gives you #travelling goals. Solo trips gives you new perspective of life. It provides  you strength to solve your problems at your own.

Group Trips

Remember that part of “Ye Jawani hai deewani” which gives us major group trip goals and inspire us to hike treks. Either we all had these kind of trips or it will be in our bucket list. If you have experiences which needs to get captured in our audience, share it with our audience. Click for untouched stories .

Luxury Stayouts

Backbencherboots is collaborating wide range of Luxury stays in entire country to gives you best possible stays at your next trips. Plan your trips with us

Sustainable Stayouts

Most of us always run along with strict budget, but aspiring for a memorable trips.  If budget is a issue, we have a solution. We have adjoined some classic but sustainable stayouts for our ordinary but aspiring audience. Plan your trips with us.